About Us

Victoria Field started a new brand of business networking back in 2014, after finding that existing groups didn’t cater for her needs. With young children at home, and a growing business, she needed something a bit different. She had a virtual PA business and wanted to network to grow her client base. Victoria enjoyed her PA business and grew the networking business alongside it but would often remark that if she could run a business networking group every day of the week she’d be happiest.

In 2017 Victoria was joined by Richard Farnhill. Richard has networked for most of his career as a Sales Manager and Director and had been an Area Leader for another business networking organisation where he developed what came to be the most successful meeting in the country.


Perfect People has managed to retain a friendly but focused, encouraging but effective, supportive but still super fun atmosphere. Serious business is done at their meetings, and in their follow up, without formal referral or visitor requirements. People attend Perfect People groups, and often multiple groups, because it gives them what they need. They are not forced to attend, and there is no membership fee. Victoria and Richard believe that happy networkers will return if it works for them, or until they’re too busy to come.

Meet the Team

Victoria Field
Richard Farnhill

Victoria and Richard’s close relationship and understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses enables them to complement each other perfectly! They are both driven to help and support members to grow both personally and professionally, as well as being focused on creating a network of groups that in turn becomes a solid and successful business.

How to be Perfect:

We’re not perfect, no-one is! BUT, we are the ‘Perfect People’ to help your business grow.

How It Works:

Attending these networking meetings is vital to the success of your business. You’ll meet like-minded, warm and friendly business people who will all have the same focus – to help you succeed!

At the meeting you get chance to introduce your business to the room. DON’T BE NERVOUS about this bit. If you’ve not done it before, remember that all of us have done it for the first time once.

1-2-1’s – Where the magic happens!

Arrange 1-2-1 meetings with a number of delegates. This is where the real magic happens! You don’t need to LIKE people to do business with them but it does help! You DO need to know however that you can trust them, and to know that you need to get to know them better. A 1-2-1 is the best way to do this.

Once you’ve had your 1-2-1 you have the knowledge about their business to be able to confidently talk to your contacts and to help find them business. Don’t worry, you don’t need to start cold-calling on their behalf! Just listen out for opportunities. Once you’re used to doing this it becomes second nature and you’ll soon be finding opportunities everywhere.

Attend MORE meetings. You’ll get to know the other people in our community which gives more opportunities to help others and most importantly more opportunities for you to do business. There’s always new people as well as attendees dipping in and out so there’ll always be new people to meet.

We’re a friendly bunch and we’re always looking to help each other. Sometimes that can be practical help and other times its through training, support or education. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, that’s what we’re here for. Outside of meetings there’s the Facebook and LinkedIn groups we’ve set up to help you keep in touch, ask for help, provide and receive support.

Also, connect with one another on social media and leave reviews/testimonials where relevant.

What Can I Expect At A Business Networking Meeting?

Perfect People Business Networking is open to business owners and managers and is suitable for all sizes of business from start-ups to large national organisations. Our format is simple and begins with open networking over tea and coffee. We then sit, normally at one large table and the Group Leader will introduce the meeting. At some meetings there may be a speaker for 10-15 minutes. Then there is the opportunity for everyone around the table to introduce themselves and their business in a two minute presentation. These are mostly very informal with people talking in a relaxed manner rather than reading from a script. The purpose is to find out who you are, what you do and how we can help. After the formal part of the meeting, we pass business cards around and then share a meal and enjoy more informal networking.

Rules? What Rules?

We don’t really have any. All we ask is that you come to meetings not expecting to make a fast sale. It does happen sometimes but don’t expect it! We come to see how we can help the other people in the room with sales lead generation, advice, contacts, etc. and as a result of them all helping each other everyone receives that same help and support in return. We have no contracts to tie you in, no rules about attending on a regular basis and no targets to meet in respect of referrals, testimonials or visitors. Our meetings and our group WORK for every one of our attendees which is why they return. We also have over 600 people in our online networking community who help each other with referrals, support and advice.

What is a Perfect Presentation?


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What is Perfect 1-2-1?


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What is a Perfect Referral?


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